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Acceptance of the conditions of use of the site

To use the jb02.com Website, you must accept the terms and conditions of use that you will find below, as well as any subsequent modifications. You accept the binding nature of these conditions.

If you refuse to comply with all terms and conditions of use, you must stop using and accessing the Site jb02.com.

Jb02.com belongs to its author, Jacques Berra.

The terms of use of the Site jb02.com may be revised at any time without notice. Registrants are periodically notified of the conditions of use of the Site.
Your access to the Site and its use after the changes of conditions constitute your acceptance of said changes.

Content of the Website and use

The site may be visited by anyone who may have a business relationship with jb02.com. Thus, the Site and its content are intended for customers of jb02.com.
You may not use, download, copy, transmit the content of the Site jb02.com without a license or express written agreement.
You may not manipulate, extract or browse the Site jb02.com and its content, with any technological means whatsoever, without the express permission of the Site owner jb02.com.
You may not use the jb02.com Website and its content for any other use determined by jb02.com, that is, only the sale of photographs. You may not use the jb02.com Site and its content, including, but not limited to, defaming, insulting, harassing, threatening, violating the rights of others, or publishing or distributing its content for illegal purposes, obscene, pornographic, sexual.

Intellectual property

The Site jb02.com and its content remain the property of their author. The content is notably protected by intellectual property laws, domain names.
It is strictly forbidden to use the content, including photographs, without the express permission of the Site jb02.com. This authorization is given by a standard or extended license.

Update Site jb02.com

The website jb02.com is updated regularly. The Site jb02.com can not be guaranteed or accepts any responsibility or commitment to the accuracy of the information diffused on the Site.

The jb02.com Site may be revised, modify, add or remove any information, service or resource at any time without notice, present and future users.
If the Site offers the third party sites, the Site has no control over these third party sites and accepts no liability, direct or indirect for any damage or loss caused by these third party sites.
The user is solely responsible for his / her / its own protection and freely decides to follow the web.

User responsibility
As a user of the Site jb02.com, whether you are a visitor or a registered buyer, you assume the risk of using the Site jb02.com, without limits.

In any case, the Site jb02.com and its owners can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, for any loss of profits or any other pecuniary loss, for any reason whatsoever.

The sole and exclusive liability of the Site jb02.com and its owners is limited to the purchase price of the photographs acquired on the Site jb02.com.
When you purchase photographs, you expressly agree to this clause. No higher damage can be claimed. If you do not accept this clause, you must not under any circumstances proceed to the purchase of photographs on the Site jb02.com.

You irrevocably agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Site jb02.com and its owners from any claim or liability that may arise if you do not comply with the terms of use of the Site jb02.com and the license (s). given by the Site jb02.com.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

The jb02.com Website is operated and administered from Switzerland.
It is accessible from other countries of the world.
When you use the jb02.com Website, when you open a user account or when you purchase photographs, you agree that the entire relationship with the jb02.com Website and its owners is exclusively subject to Swiss law.
On the other hand, you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss courts.
The legal jurisdiction of any action is exclusively Lausanne, Switzerland. Recourse to the Swiss Federal Court is reserved.                                                                                       

These terms and any text included in the Site jb02.com are translated into various languages. Only the original text in French is authentic for any interpretation or for any legal action. The texts in foreign languages to French have no legal value within the framework of the Site jb02.com.

Formal acceptance of the conditions of use
If you do not agree to all of the above conditions, you can not and must not: