Buyer Agreement


General provisions

This License Agreement sets out the rights and obligations of users registered as customers of the jb02.com Site when they have acquired a license fee.

The download and use of the products offered on the Site jb02.com require the unconditional acceptance of the provisions of this contract.

The user who acquires a license of use does not hold any right of author, the copyright remains with jb02.com without limits in the time.

Jb02.com offers two types of user licenses, namely the standard license and the extended license.

Each file offered by jb02.com may be subject to a standard license or an extended license. Some images may be proposed only in an editorial context.

The watermarked content can be freely used as a trial (model) for 30 days, but it can not be used in a final project or be made available to the public.

Standard license

The standard usage right is nonexclusive, which means that other customers may receive a license fee for the same content. The standard usage right is unlimited, which means that the product can be used in any project and on any media.
With the standard license, you can use the image on a printed medium or in a promotional project, for example: newspapers, magazines, books newsletter, brochure, catalog advertising, marketing document packaging, packaging, poster, postcard, greeting card , wall posters. Sale of objects using a standard licensed image is not allowed. Extended license is required for such sales.
You can also use the image for a digital or promotional project, for example: commercial film company presentations and videos, movies website social media site mobile application email e-book software applications. Sale of digital or promotional projects using a standard licensed image is not permitted. Extended license is required for such sales.

Extended license

The extended license gives you the rights described under the standard license, when you desire

In general, you must subscribe to an extended license when your project aims to commercialize objects, ideas, concepts in physical form, electronic or otherwise, including products acquired on the site jb02.com.

The license purchaser irrevocably undertakes not to use commercially images which are not offered under a commercial license. He understands that a violation of this term of the contract renders the license contract void, without right of refund. He also understands that he risks legal action. Before acquiring an image, the license buyer must verify that he is legally entitled to use it for his commercial project and that he does not infringe any rights of third parties. He irrevocably undertakes to indemnify jb02.com and its beneficiaries in the event of legal action resulting from his illegal use of the acquired image. He also undertakes irrevocably to replace jb02.com and its beneficiaries in any legal action in Switzerland or abroad concerning an illegal use of the acquired image. Please click here in order to read more about it.

Formal restrictions on use

The following usage restrictions apply, regardless of the chosen user license:

Use in an editorial context

When the image is used in an editorial context (report, comment for example), the edition must be accompanied by a mention of the author in the form of "name of the author / jb02.com". The name of the author can be found on the website jb02.com in the image detail page. The use in the editorial framework may be subject to a specific price, especially when the proposed images can not be the subject of an extended license (images of objects or places that can not be marketed) .

In general, these photos are taken in public places. These images can be legally used for editorial use such as reports, reviews or comments on the subject of the image and parodies. You may not use these images for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes.

Transfer of license rights

License rights that are granted under this contract may not be assigned to a third party. If you buy a license for your employer or your customer, then they can use the content of the license.

You may authorize a subcontractor to use the content of the license as part of the preparation of your final project. The subcontractor must agree to respect the present contract and can not use the content of the right license for a purpose other than the preparation of your project.


In all cases, the liability of jb02.com and its successors is limited to the price of the purchase of the image. The original RAW file is in the possession of jb02.com and will under no circumstances be made available to third parties. The files sold on the jb02.com Site are JPG or TIFF files.

The buyer is fully responsible for the use of the purchased image vis-à-vis third parties. The buyer undertakes irrevocably and unconditionally to fully compensate jb02.com and his successors if they were to suffer the consequences of a judicial request from any third party following the use of an image purchased on the site jb02. com.


The license of a purchased image can not be refunded from the moment the file was downloaded.

Whenever a user violates the terms and conditions, jb02.com may terminate the user's account without notice.

Jb02.com makes reasonable efforts to classify the images and assign them appropriate keywords and legends, but jb02.com and its licensors can not guarantee the accuracy of such data.

Jb02.com and its successors can not be held liable to you or any third party, natural or legal person for any direct or indirect, accessory or fortuitous damage resulting from this contract.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

You expressly agree to the exclusive application of Swiss law and the jurisdiction of the Swiss courts. The opening of a user account or the purchase of images implies your express acceptance of the exclusive application of Swiss law and the exclusive place of jurisdiction in Switzerland.

Language and acceptance of the terms of sale
This contract is translated into different languages, but only the French version is authentic and has a legal scope. Foreign language versions are for informational purposes only.

The terms and conditions are an integral part of this agreement.

If you do not wish to accept these conditions, please be advised not to open an account and not to acquire images.