Born in Geneva, here I am at the age when I stopped my lucrative activity to devote myself to what I want to do for pleasure and passion.

Photography caught my attention from an early age, through the magic of developing black and white photos. Yes, the colour is complicated and for a beginner, developing his photos is a little magic.

After a long time without any photographic activity, the arrival of the digital world aroused my curiosity again for this field which promised unlimited prospects and a great independence. A total freedom to take the number of photos you want, to keep them numerically and even to print them yourself.

I like photography, I love the technique of Internet and website creation, so I decided to link the two passions by creating a photography site.

Jb02.com is dedicated to these two passions, the presentation of photographs taken yesterday and today and
the management of a server, a website and a collection of photographs. This is a nice challenge for a non-specialist!

You are cordially invited to visit my website, you will find photo galleries and an online business.

The sale of photos is done by direct download after payment. The photos are presented in two formats: JPG and TIFF. With the purchase of photos, you can download both formats.

What will you find as kinds of photos ?
First of all, photos taken during trips in recent years. Then, I particularly like nature and animals, cities and architecture, the countryside, the mountains and their landscapes.

As for the future, I will try to travel and especially I want you to discover the different regions of this small country, but how diversified: Switzerland.

It is true that sometimes we go to the end of the world, while there are wonders at hand!

If you live on the other side of the planet, it may be for you a discovery to see my country.
In any case, good visit!